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After appearing seemingly out of nowhere, elixed and ever-changing monsters try to discover their purpose all the while the ancient stone-like guardians do their best to prevent such a calamity!

Cosmic Fish follows the perspective of one of these monsters, Acantha, as she attempts to find and reconnect with her missing childhood friend, Ramus, even if it means helping an enemy guardian who shares a mysterious secret with her kind.

The webcomic uses elements of Puerto Rican culture and identity to convey its story, characters, and themes.



Acantha is the brash, loud, wild-child protagonist with an open secret: she has taken the life of a human! Because of this, she is exiled from her monster family and hunted down by guardians and humans alike.


Despite this, there seems to be something else going on with her. She is desperately trying to save an old friend and finds herself helping a guardian of all things. Her unlikely new choices may allow her to solve the mystery of why the ghosts and monsters exist in the first place and why are they so feared. More importantly, perhaps this will allow her to carve a new future despite her past mistakes.


Bells is the guardian of young souls who helps them re-enter the life cycle once they pass. Because of this, she has a unique perspective and finds herself helping monsters return to wherever they come from. She is an angelic and innocent figure, oftentimes praised simply for her innocence, obedience, friendliness, and big heart--a complete departure from Acantha's personality.

Despite her "miss perfect" attitude, she is easily manipulated and is somewhat infantile due to the souls of the young she carries and assists. Not only that, she holds a dark secret. One that is tied to the ghosts and monsters that wreak havoc on this world.

Gallo ref-small.jpg

Gallo is the only ghost in the story raised by humans. Due to this unique perspective and position, he is oftentimes somewhat entitled and self-righteous. Calling certain ghosts allied with certain people "the good ones" whereas the others are simply "the enemy" he'll chase away from his human town. Despite that, he will always try to do what he deems right and will extend a helping...wing to those who need it.

Slowly, however, he will experience the hammer of reality come crashing down when he is forced to leave his home and be exposed to the outside world. 


Cosmic Fish divides its story through the perspective of the different ghosts, monsters, and even the guardians that inhabit this world. The story also references Puerto Rican culture and an intentional festive nature in its design. Whereas ghosts and monsters often reference Puerto Rican animals and cryptids (chupacabra, gallo de pelea, cuco) , guardians represent objects of either high esteem or cultural significance (Vejigantes, body of a cemí, ojo capá, etc) along with their closeness to nature and spirituality.


Adaluxen (inspired by Old San Juan)

Blender models made

for backgrounds

*Some images will

have before/after gifs

The comic takes place in a place similar to that of Puerto Rico in the late 1800s. During those times, Puerto Rico was chockful of isolated towns hidden in the mountains--rarely coming in contact with the outside world--an archipelago where the biggest city was a walled fortress, and where the forests had an air of mystery and superstition to them. 

The comic, however, has had to take several liberties due to the influence of the guardians' vigilant nature and monsters wreaking havoc. Gunpowder is rarely used, trains are severely limited to the main city, and said city's buildings are colorful and vibrant more akin to modern times. The story isn't exactly a one-to-one but it connects where it needs to.

The comic tackles generational trauma, and social and cultural expectations VS a hostile and ever-changing world from the pov of the flawed and abandoned trying to survive/heal. Ultimately, it’s a story of communication and unity

You can read it 100% free at

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